Helpful Links and contacts for Llama Lovers


M & M Vet Lab Mel Hoskins, 13615 Wabash Rd., Milan, MI 734.439.2698 Progestesterone and other testing

Dr. Norman Evans, Mobile Veterinary Services specializing in Llama nutrition including nutritional supplements.502.821.7993

Llama Health and Management Corner - Articles on medical and llama management issues by vet's and breeders.


Marty McGee Bennett -   safe and science based approach to training and managing llamas and alpacas.  

Clicker Training  - Background information on Clicker training for all species


International Llama Registry - How to register your llama and much, much more.

ALSA - Alpaca & Llama Show Association - the first and foremost lama show association.

Hoosier Lama Alpaca Association - Indiana Llama Alpaca Association