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The Michigan Llama Association was founded in December of 1994. With a membership of approximately 200 farms, that represent about 2,500 llamas and over 150 alpacas, the MLA is a common ground for Llama enthusiasts to join together, learn from one another, share information and promote public awareness of Llamas in an uplifting manner.

What We Offer


 The Michigan Llama Association offers something for  every Llama owner and lover. Activities include shows, clinics, social events, parades, fund raisers, and vet conferences, just to name a few!  So, no matter what your interest or specialty in Llamas, MLA has much to offer. We also produce a wonderful newsletter, Llama Living, that includes the latest news and updates.

What We Do


The Michigan  Llama Association is proud to sponsor the Michigan Llama Association Kathy Larson and Laurel Zechlinski Annual Scholarships   These scholarships are available to any MLA member.  The intent of these awards is to help members and their families offset a portion of the educational expense for vocational and academic training beyond high school.  


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Michigan Llama Association

9743 Bliss Rd, Lake Odessa, MI 48849, US

(616) 902-2382