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Llama Living Newsletter


Llama Living is the Michigan Llama Association (MLA) newsletter and is available, free of charge, to all MLA members.  

Llama Living is dedicated to keeping its members up-to-date on the latest llama news including medical, shows, fiber, and current events. This is done, not only through original articles, but also as a result of the newsletter's participation in the Newsletter Network, which is comprised of numerous national Llama organizations.

Advertisers, both in and out of Michigan, look at Llama Living as a great opportunity in let llama owners learn about their products and services. To obtain information on advertising rates, submit articles or events to Llama Living, or learn more about the Newsletter Network, contact Llama Living Editor, Suzanne Hockin Frambes, 14775 Peckham Rd.,Albion, MI 49224, (517) 857-3787 or Email:  

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MLA Membership Application


MLA Membership 


The Michigan Llama Association has   been actively planning and promoting shows, sales, and youth events since   1995.  In our meetings we offer llama and alpaca information, workshops,   fiber information, clinics, and supportive help from any of our members.    We have an active youth support group and offer youth events, 4-H groups   involving llamas, and scholarships for youth.

   Our membership not only includes llama and alpaca owners from Michigan,   but also from surrounding states.  A newsletter called Llama Living   keeps us informed of events and lama helps and offers us an easy and   inexpensive way to promote our farms. We are a progressive association and   are busy promoting events that we can all enjoy and have fun with our   animals.

  We invite you to consider a membership to the MLA and join in our fun and   fellowship.  

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Scholarship Application


In the fall of 2003, the MLA board approved the development on an annual scholarship program. The intent of this award is to help members and their families offset a portion of the educational expense for vocational and academic training beyond high school. In 2011 the Laurel Zechlinski Memorial Scholarship was established by Ron Zechlinski as a separate scholarship.

 Scholarships are open to any MLA Member in any school.

Each scholarship consists of $1,000 stipend given to the students chosen by a selection committee determined by the MLA board. The scholarships are presented at Llamafest each fall.

Once awarded, the scholarship would be renewable by application for any year a student attends an institution granting skill certification, associate, undergraduate or graduate degrees. A student would be eligible to renew the scholarship a maximum of three times during his/her academic career.

The number of scholarship awards and/or renewals is determined annually. This determination will be made by the board or its appointed agency based on the funds available, the number of applicants and the selection process.

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